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"Hello! I'm Jane a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering, and I'm having trouble finding entry-level internship opportunities for summer 2021. I am looking to find hands-on experience in the aerospace field that would help me get a better feel for the major and learn about the work environment. I have conducted some research, but without making much progress. I'm a little stuck and would really appreciate your help and advice. Thank you!"

"It's great that you are being proactive in trying to find an internship, especially given current difficulties that are out of your control. (I had the same problem during the 2008 financial crash, when I was in school.) Contact your favorite professors, use LinkedIN, the NCSU job website and participate in any virtual / in-person job fairs. I will also check at my employer and get back to you ..."

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"Jack here. I'm a junior in mechanical engineering with a minor in computer programming. I'm looking to chat with Mechanical Engineering graduates that shifted their career into another field post-graduation. I'm specifically interested in renewable energy but have struggled to garner much interest from employers as my degree is in mechanical engineering. I'm really just am curious to hear more about that process and how it went for you/any advice you might have for me. Thank you so much!"

"Hi Jack. I found my mechanical engineering degree to be pretty flexible. Though COVID makes things more difficult, there are lots of opportunities for both mechE and computer science to support. Reach out to the NC State Solar center and FREEDM Center. Renewables is a natural place for a mechanical engineer. Pick up Solar Engineering, Turbomachinery, and Heat Exchangers . . ."

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"Good Evening, My name is Sam and I am a junior here at NCSU. I previously served in the US Navy. I am an aerospace engineering major and working towards a minor in physics."

"Hi Sam. Very glad you reached out. You have an impressive background. I was an Aerospace Engineer at State and I have working for a major NASA supplier for over a dozen years, and would be happy to share my thoughts an insights. Please email me back to setup a good time to connect via Zoom."

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How it works for students

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Student FAQ

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  • What can I ask?

    Literally anything to help with your academic life (projects, research, etc.) or professional development (internships / jobs, career choice, etc.). There are thousands of alumni with very diverse experiences and backgrounds available to help.

  • How long will it take to get an answer?

    Our goal is to get your answers within 3 business days. But it depends on what you're asking and how many alumni have that expertise. It can go as quickly as an hour to as long as 10 days.

  • How many responses will I get?

    The number of answers depends on how many alumni have relevant experience and are available to provide insights. It may be one, three, five or more.

  • How many questions can I ask?

    As many as you want to. We'll likely match you up with different alumni every time and you'll make awesome connections.

  • Can I select alumni to answer my question?

    No. We match alumni based on availability, proximity, and competency (among many other factors) and take into account how often an alumni has helped in the past.

  • Can I ask follow-up questions?

    We strongly encourage you to reply and ask for additional help or insights from the individual who replied.

  • What if I don't get an answer?

    While we work hard to get you a reply, in rare cases we may not be able to get you an answer.