NC State Connect for Alumni

Helping students is hard with a busy life.
So we've made it easier for you.

Questions uniquely matched to you.

You only receive requests from students that match your experience, interests, and locations, unbeknownst to the student.

You control if, how, and when to help.

Decide right from your email if you can share advice, offer a call, or offer a meeting (incl. virtual). Not available? No big deal. We'll simply engage the right alum in the queue.

Help right from your email.

No app to download or log into. You receive and respond to requests right from your email. If you are available to help, we'll share your response with the student.

Alumni FAQ

Looking for the student FAQ? Click here.

  • What kind of questions will I receive?

    Students are encouraged to ask for help with both their academic life (research focus, projects, etc.) and professional development (internships / jobs, resumes, etc.).

  • How will I be matched to relevant questions?

    When you sign up for Connect, we will ask you about your professional background (skills, experience) and preferences for assisting students. The combination of both helps us match you to questions we believe you will find relevant.

  • How often will I get requests to help?

    The default expectation is that you will be able to assist once a week. When you help, you will not be asked again until the following week. You can adjust the frequency of help up or down, simply update your preferences in Connect.

  • Do I need to answer every question?

    No. We match alumni based on availability, proximity, and competency (among other factors) and take into account how often an alum has helped in the past.

  • How do I update my matching criteria to get more relevant requests?

    Simply update your areas of expertise in Connect. The more skills and interests you specify, the more requests we'll be able to match you up to.

Recent Requests From Students

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"I am wondering how involvement with an engineering-oriented student organization has helped alumi with their career path and what skills they were glad to have gained before entering the workforce."

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"A friend has asked me to launch a startup with her - but I am not sure if I should get some real-world experience before founding a company. What do I do?"

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"I would like to get an internship in the automotive industry (ideally the performance division). I've been struggling to find something that really peaks my interest and am wondering about other places/way to look. "

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"I am aerospace junior and have received two great offers for summer internships: at Boeing and at Rolls Royce. How do I think about which is right for me?"