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Does the current crisis have you down? Unexpectedly looking for a job or internship? Let alumni help you. All you have to do is ask.

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"I am a Mechancial Engineering major interested in performance automotive and EVs. My job offer was unexpectedly rescinded and I am now looking for a new opportunity. Open to moving anywhere in the United States."

"Sorry to hear about that unexpected challenge. I have several friends who work at Tesla, happy to make an introduction. Email me at "

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"I am looking for experts for a capstone project on autonomous vehicles that I can interview on the challenges and opportunities in this area."

"I have a colleague at Waymo in California who is one of the most renown experts in this area. I will forward your request to him and am sure he'd love to help."

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"I have been interested in working with animatronics in the future and am wondering if anyone has gone in a direction that could be considered non-traditional for any reason. I would like to hear your story and learn about obstacles you may have faced taking this path."

"I am happy to share more about my career path. Why don't you find some time on my calendar for coffee or lunch?""

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How it works

You ask for help

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